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Work in Russia for Filipino citizens

It’s a sunny Sunday morning in Moscow. The premises of one the two only catholic churches in Russian capital are considerably crowded with Asian looking flock. This is Sunday and Filipino workers are spending their day-off the way they do everywhere – at the church.

A decade ago people had heard Filipinos were coming to work in Moscow, but it is only now that Russia’s Filipino community has grown into the thousands.

Filipinos first started arriving in the late 1990s along with American expats and “neo-Russian” businessmen flooding post-Soviet economy.

A short-lived fad for exotic nannies and home cleaners followed and lingered, providing thousands of Filipinas with a stable job market in Russia,

Hard work in an unfamiliar environment pays well with higher salaries than in Hong Kong or Singapore and much better attitude than in the Gulf region, where Filipinos are a normal sight for many years now. It started with 300$ USD in 1999 and jumped to as much as almost US1000$ a month in 2013, placing Russia’s domestic market in the same line with Canada and EU where salaries are US1300$. Following the economic progression the salary is expected to raise to 1500$ in just about 2-3 years.

Filipino community in Moscow alone is growing fast and so big now that  any new comer will have no difficulty in locating and befriending their dear kababayan in Moscow. Just take a subway train down to Molodezhnaya station and there you are. 

Those interested to work in Russia may do so quite easily. Russia doesn’t set very strict requirement for educational attainment and the processing of work visa takes as little as 4 weeks. Applying for work in Russia is transparent process. Also, as the growing interest to find fortune in Russia grows among citizens of the Philippines, the market has produced hundreds of agencies and agents who are ready to process applicants and provide employment. Not all of them are reliable of course, the majority are just trying to collect money and promise wonders but don’t want to take responsibility for the offer they make. Scam agents offering job in Russia can be found everywhere: Hong Kong, Cyprus, Israel, Singapore and of course Philippines.  Applicants should take extra caution when applying with local recruiters first of all. Because they are most likely to turn out fake or unreliable. 

The best way to apply to Russia for Filipinos is to go with direct Russian agencies, like Asean recruitment soluitons

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